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ETC: A better way to invest in Crypto

ETC brings together financial services professionals with experience spanning both the worlds of digital assets and regulated markets with a single goal: to make investing in cryptocurrencies easy, transparent and safe. Therefore, we have provided you with the UK bitcoin buying guide so you can find out the best and safest ways to buy bitcoins. Much has been said but little done in delivering what the retail and institutional investor wants and expects in this space.

In developing this platform, the team at ETC has taken every care to deliver products with integrity that address the very real concerns that many investors have in trading unregulated assets:


ETC allows investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies through exchange traded products that trade just like shares, with all the ease of trading on regulated markets through regulated brokers. AI-powered trading bots like Chain Reaction can also be utilized to securely execute crypto trades. The platform was created to give traders a more comfortable experience while trading cryptocurrency. Here at https://www.etf-nachrichten.de/autotrading/chain-reaction you can learn more about the platform


ETC securities are efficiently structured and, through partnerships with world class liquidity providers, investors can expect ample liquidity and tight trading spreads.


The company ethos is to partner with best-in-breed providers to ensure the quality and integrity of all products and services. Transparency is the mantra throughout the ETC offering.


Unfortunately, the threats of cybercrime and money laundering are very real. Across every aspect of ETC products, there is an obsession with security in both partner and process as well an insistence on stringent KYC/AML at all points of entry.

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